A sculptural book as a representation of the brickpatterns of the Amsterdamse School architecture.


36,5 x 28,5 x 2,5 CM

Figured is a sculptural book design inspired by the expressive shapes and architectural characteristics of the Amsterdamse School building Het Schip. The Amsterdamse School is known for its creative use of bricks and creating multiple patterns with them. By paying attention to these fine details, I noticed that these patterns are not only applied in the outside walls, but also in the ceilings, windows and floors. It is as if they are guiding the visitors (or residents) through the interior as well as the exterior of Het Schip.

I translated this phenomenon into a sculptural book design (which in this context means that book communicates by its shape, rather than its content). I repeated the simple principle of cutting a similar brick-like shape from the pages and let the appearing pattern gently guide you through the book. Both the binding and the layout are constructed in the exact shape of the brick patterns of the building.