An audiovisual story about surrendering to the flow of energy giving rise to creation.


6.46 MIN

In my quest for professionalism and the investigation of my own creative process, trusting on and surrendering to my creative flow has proven to be the most important lesson to learn. In my creative process, mental chaos is a common thing. It is in my nature to always strive for order, but remarkably enough, it may often be better to allow for chaos. By letting go, the natural order wil reestablish itself and will give furtive soil to create from. Aan de orde van de dag is an audiovisual story in which different metaphors refer to this revelation.

The story takes place on a remote train platform where everything is happening in a seemingly random order of events. The narrator is struggling with little information offered as well as the chaotic situation on the platform. However, resistance will only work adversely: no train will arrive. Surrendering to the moment as it is appears to be the best way to deal with the current situation.